How To Break the Mountain Dew Addiction

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So for the last, 3 years or so I have been drinking Mountain Dew.  I will occasionally have other types of soda, but Mountain Dew is my choice if it’s available.  I think I am addicted to Mountain Dew and I think it started during a promotion called  I was drinking 3 to 4 of them per day and it didn’t matter what time of the day that it was, if I was thirsty, I was drinking one, plus it was nice to have all those sweepstakes entries.

I think others are addicted to Mountain Dew as well.  You always read blogs or a news article about how a “gamer” drinks a 12 pack of Dew without any issue, or that children that drink Mountain Dew have a greater risk of cavities, etc.  It’s NO joke.  Gamers will drink Mountain Dew all day long.  I even read that Microsoft programmers where drinking Mountain Dew back in the early years of Mircosoft, just so they could code for 36 hours straight!

There isn’t any doubt soda can be addicting and to break that addiction to Mountain Dew, or any other type of soda, can be tough.  But don’t kid yourself, it can be done!  I thought of a few things that have worked for me and a couple I should try to get off Mountain Dew completely.

  1. Stop buying Mountain Dew – some people think this is an easy one, but when you are addicted, you are addicted all the way.  It takes some finesse to miss the soda isle, but it can be done.
  2. If you have Mountain Dew left in the fridge, keep ONE bottle, put it through the dish washer and use it for water for the next week or so.  Do NOT drink anymore Mountain Dew.
  3. Try different types of water if you do not like tap water.  When you find one you like, look for specials and discounts for the water.  Sobe Life Water is a good choice if you like a flavored water.
  4. Try different types of teas, or juice to keep your mind off the Mountain Dew.

Those are just 4 things that I have been working on and the first two are complete for me.  It might take a month or more to get out of the Moutain Dew habit, but it can be done as long as you are in control of the soda purchases.  Tell the people you see and deal with everyday that you are trying to get off soda and they might even lend a helping hand, you never know. If you NEED something to drink, why not try some natural energy tea, we recommend the Holy Tea.

If you have tips for my readers, please feel free to comment below.  If you share an addiction to Mountain Dew like I do, hopefully these tips will be of some help.